Floor Mats for Volvo and all other makes

Floor Mats
We sell floor mats for all makes and models. The mats we sell are custom made for your application and are expected to be an exact fit or as close as possible. There are some factors that might require the mats to be slightly different but that is rare. All of our mats (except factory Volvo) have a lifetime guarantee against defect but wear is not covered. Factory Volvo mats have a two year warranty against defect.

Facts and Features:

  • All factory mats come as a 4-pc set for 1st and 2nd rows. Some include the tunnel mat too
  • A tunnel mat is a small mat the goes over the floor tunnel on the 2nd row seat area
  • Factory mats will be a perfect color match. If you think you got the wrong color be sure and put one of the mats on the floor of your vehicle because it is very common that the floor area is a different color than seats
  • Aftermarket mats will have multiple colors to choose from so choose a color as close as possible.
  • There is no return on aftermarket mats because we make them special order to your exact vehicle. We guarantee they will fit and that you will get the color you ordered
  • We sell clear mat protectors for carpet mats and they can and should be used on top of the carpet mats but never install rubber all season mats on top of carpet mats because that can create a safety hazard